“The greatest opportunity offered by AI is not reducing errors or workloads, or even curing cancer: it is the opportunity to restore the precious and time-honored connection and trust —the human touch—between patients and doctors.”

-Eric Topol, MD
Executive Vice President, Scripps Research

The relationship between doctors and patients has eroded over recent decades, with minimal time and keyboards as the main culprits. Physicians—and all clinicians—are experiencing burnout at increasing rates, and superficial contact with patients is resulting in diagnostic errors and unnecessary tests and procedures. 

In his latest book, Deep Medicine: How Artificial Intelligence Can Make Healthcare Human Again, Eric Topol, MD, tackles the complex and fascinating topic of artificial intelligence (AI) in medicine. Released in March, and featured by CNBC, NPR and The New York Times, Deep Medicine explores how AI is transforming medical care and its great potential in areas such as mental health, nursing and personalized nutrition. 

A pioneer of individualized medicine and founder of the Scripps Research Translational Institute, Topol is a physician-scientist who melds genomics, digital medicine and, increasingly, AI. Described by many in the medical field as a futurist, Topol gives readers a deep dive into how AI will not only transform the practice of medicine, but also radically reshape health systems and impact biomedical science. 

By sharing examples from his own life as a cardiologist, researcher and patient, combined with expert interviews and in-depth reviews of current AI literature, Topol engagingly narrates a provocative vision of the future of medicine.