WISE initiative underway to create educational endowment

December 3, 2019

Known for its climate of diversity—where women number 39 out of the 72 students attending its internationally recognized graduate program—Scripps Research in Florida launched its Women in Science Education (WISE) initiative December 3 on the Jupiter campus. Christoph Rader, PhD, associate dean of Florida’s graduate program, provided attendees with an overview of the initiative and its goal to raise a $500,000 match through a series of charity events to create a $1 million WISE educational endowment. In the coming months, the WISE committee will hold private dinners, a symposium aligned with the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, and an inaugural science stroll throughout the Florida campus.

From left: Professors Laura Bohn, PhD and Christoph Rader, PhD; graduate student Rebecca Goydel, and Executive Vice President Douglas Bingham.