Do great science. Advance human health.

How do you take a nearly 100-year-old institution, founded by a philanthropic icon and respected throughout the scientific world, and give it a makeover—freshening its image and message for a wider audience? 

You begin by fixing a compass on your core mission. At Scripps Research, our mission is fundamentally this: Do great science. Advance human health.

Our ability today to connect scientific discovery directly with patients is unprecedented. “This is the age of individualized, precision medicine,” says Eric Topol, MD, executive vice president and founder of the Scripps Research Translational Institute. “Combining each person’s genomic and sensor data is helping accelerate discoveries and our goal is to get these new insights quickly delivered to patients. We’re often able to predict risk and potentially prevent or better manage diseases, thus helping people live longer, healthier lives. There’s tremendous promise in the scope of our scientific work here at Scripps Research and that’s a story we needed to tell.”

In partnership with a talented San Diego creative agency, Grizzly, the Communications department began developing expansive messaging and imagery—and entirely redesigned the institute website—to tell that story. Throughout the process they solicited input from people inside and outside the institute: scientists, donors, Board members, students and staff. “At its core, Scripps Research is about people, our scientists, helping people with unmet health needs,” says Anna-Marie Rooney, vice president of Communications. “We kept returning to that principle as we reviewed early sketches of logos and discussed taglines. The feedback was always ‘make it human, demonstrate this profound connection we have with improving human health.’”

So, here’s how we’re reinforcing that connection and telling our story:

Our Tagline

A good tagline conveys the particular work and spirit of an enterprise in a concise, memorable fashion. The new tagline for Scripps Research does just that, capturing—in essence—what we’re all about: Science Changing Life. From sharing scientific insights to creating innovative health technologies and delivering valuable medicines, the people at Scripps Research work every day to improve the lives of people around the world.

This tagline offers the additional benefit of being customizable to individual stories: Science Changing Medicine. Science Changing Education. Science Changing Healthcare. A bonus to a compact message.

Our Logo

The infinity loop

A good logo well represents an enterprise, sets it apart from its peers and is easily recognizable. Our new institute logo, dubbed the “infinity loop,” represents continual scientific discovery. At Scripps Research, we are constantly striving, adapting and renewing. We pursue scientific discovery with unwavering resolve because we believe in its infinite promise to make better lives for people. As some have noted, the loop’s twisting design is also a subtle nod to the helical structure that makes us all human. The “human element” is, indeed, at the core of everything we do here at Scripps Research. 

Our Palette

What is the color of science?

Color plays a powerful role in any imagery. Red excites, for example, while blue calms. But what color best defines science? And what color captures the wide range of scientific achievement accomplished at Scripps Research? Ultimately, all of them, the entire spectrum.

Science is the white light that encompasses all the colors of nature. To extend that metaphor, the institute serves as a prism, through which light refracts into a rainbow of scientific disciplines: chemistry, immunology, molecular medicine and others. Each is essential to the whole; each helps light the way to continual scientific progress.